Pool management with the ChloroMatic Lifeguard


Nothing disappoints a pool owner more than returning home after a long workday, eagerly anticipating a refreshing dip, only to discover that the pool has turned green. Thanks to Davey’s innovative Wi-Fi-enabled product, this issue can now be resolved.

Davey’s revolutionary ChloroMatic Lifeguard presents a comprehensive pool and chemistry management system, offering simple pool maintenance right from the convenience of your phone.

“Pool owners desire a pool that is easily maintainable and, more importantly, always ready for swimming,” explains Pool and Spa Category Manager, Sharon Tucker.

“With the Lifeguard, tasks such as acid dosing, chlorination, and even pool temperature can be automated. The accompanying app will also alert you if salt or mineral levels are running low. The only thing you need to check is the acid drum. Say goodbye to any unexpected surprises when you’re ready to enjoy your pool!”

This user-friendly app provides complete control over your pool system, allowing you to review and adjust filtration schedules and modes. You can even modify set points as needed. Additionally, you have the option to control the system locally if you prefer not to connect through your home internet.

Pool management

“Basically, it is the easy way to manage pool maintenance.” Sharon says. “Activating winter settings or preparing the pool for a summer party is quite simple. For day-to-day maintenance, the Lifeguard manages all the work.”

The Lifeguard controller seamlessly integrates with Davey’s compact saltwater chlorinator, the ChloroMatic Nipper. It is available as a set or can be used individually. The controller can be offered as a standalone product for customers who already have a Nipper and wish to upgrade.

The Lifeguard controller communicates with other Davey pool equipment, which can be easily connected through plugs on the back of the unit or through Wi-Fi connection. If there is a Davey heat pump or Davey Nirvana heat pump connected to the system, the Lifeguard unit maintains the pool temperature to a set point during the filtration cycle.

The Lifeguard is suitable for pools up to 175,000 litres and can be used for saltwater, low-salt, or mineral pools.

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