A touch of luxury: long-lasting glass protection

EnduroShield is the easy-clean glass coating chosen to protect the frameless glass of this elegant pool fronting this period home in Lower Chittering, regional WA

A touch of luxury: long-lasting glass protection

Located on a beautiful expansive acreage with stunning mountain views, this historic home exudes elegance. The beautifully designed pool and spa complement the period home perfectly. Frameless glass pre-treated with EnduroShield has been chosen to border the pool area, supplied and installed by Diamond Glass Pool Fencing. Easy clean glass fencing was chosen to provide uninterrupted views of the pool and acreage, offering safety, quality and ease of maintenance.

EnduroShield is a non-stick coating for glass protection that makes frameless glass resistant to dirt, grime, pool chemicals, mineral deposits and salt corrosion. The stainless steel footings that support the frameless glass have also been coated with EnduroShield, protecting them from tea staining, discolouration and corrosion.

Together, the coating of the glass and stainless steel surfaces will reduce cleaning time by up to 90%, allowing more time to spend with friends and family by the pool.

Diamond Glass Pool Fencing, gold winners of a SPASA award, choose to partner with EnduroShield to offer their clients the highest quality finish in frameless glass protection. The EnduroShield coated frameless pool fencing offers durability and the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions in regional WA, from searing heat to heavy rains.

EnduroShield, together with Diamond Glass Pool Fencing provide low maintenance, seamless outdoor glass pool fencing for a clear view of your pool and outdoor landscaping.

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