5 reasons to choose timber doors and windows

5 reasons to choose timber doors and windows
5 reasons to choose timber doors and windows
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Timber adds warmth, character and a luxurious, natural feel to the home. For homeowners who wish to make a more subtle statement, timber doors and window frames are a great starting point

Robin Ziejka, business development manager of The Woodworkers Company, reveals why timber doors and windows are the perfect choice for the home.

1. Aesthetic appeal

The principal reason people choose timber doors and windows is the aesthetic appeal. Beyond this, timber adds warmth that just can’t be replicated by other materials. Well-constructed timber joinery, made from quality hardwood, will look spectacular in any home and provide a refined, sophisticated ambience that not only feels good but adds value to your home.

2. Thermal performance

Timber is energy efficient because it’s an excellent natural insulator resistant to condensation and therefore a low thermal conductor — as opposed to aluminium, which loses a large proportion of heating and cooling energy through the frame. Consequently, less energy is required to heat or cool the home when timber elements are incorporated.


5 reasons to choose timber doors and windows
Woodworkers offers Australia’s largest range of timber entrance doors, windows and hardware.

3. Maintenance

Timber doors and windows are relatively easy to maintain and can certainly outlast their aluminium counterparts if cared for correctly. Although aluminium is promoted as maintenance-free, this is not the case. Aluminium will fade and corrode over time, especially in coastal environments. Changing the colour of timber products is as simple as a new coat of paint, while changing the colour of an aluminium door or window usually means a full replacement.

4. Cost

Timber doors and windows may initially be more expensive than low-budget aluminium, but will most likely cost less in the long-term. You should never have to replace timber if it’s been installed properly and maintained correctly. You can also enjoy savings across energy bills thanks to improved insulation. Timber also adds value to your home, which is great if you’re looking at selling.

5 reasons to choose timber doors and windows
An elegant timber door with a crisp white paint finish never goes out of style.

5. Sustainability

Timber is the largest readily renewable natural resource and its reserves are increasing worldwide every year, which helps counteract the increasing levels of greenhouse gases. The carbon release from timber is 12 kilograms per m3 whereas the carbon release from aluminium is 22,000 kilograms per m3. Timber is one of the few natural building materials and is therefore not toxic. It does not leach chemicals and is completely safe to handle and touch.

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