Custom drainage: explore the possibilities


No wet area is complete without the perfect drainage, and these Australian made grates and drains are a ‘grate’ addition to any space

Drainage is a core component of any wet area, and Studio RD has a wide range to suit any project. With over 15 years of experience within the Australian bathroom & plumbing industries, Director Tom Barnhurst has the knowledge and experience to produce the best bathroom product, as well as drainage systems and solutions for balconies, pools, driveways, and anywhere else in the home.

Studio RD have partnered with an independent stainless steel factory based in metropolitan Melbourne who not only provide a wide range of stainless steel products including channel grates & point drains but also guarantee that the products are 100% manufactured in Australia and use the best 316 grade stainless steel.

Although choosing the right drainage system is always essential, it can sometimes be difficult to get an aesthetically-pleasing look that compliments your dream bathroom design, or that of any other wet area. That’s why Studio RD’s products are available in stainless steel and matt black, as well as a range of other finishes to suit any space.

Tom Barnhurst, the Director of Studio RD and R.D Agencies has a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 15 years within the Australian bathroom & plumbing industry. Our mission at Studio RD is to constantly strive to ensure we deliver top quality products and leading customer service.

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