Designer Drainage for streamlined bathroom design


Balance, clean lines, intricate finishes. Bathrooms are havens of elegance, that with additions like designer drainage also become visual statements

Increasingly, bathrooms are becoming havens of solitude, a place where one can unwind, relax and take time just for oneself. Australia’s leading manufacturer of designer drainage, Stormtech creates efficient drainage solutions by delivering levelled drainage for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Drainage is an essential element to any bathroom or wet area, however more often than not, design and aesthetic considerations go unanswered.

Stormtech’s innovative drainage systems allow for level-entry into showers, with the narrow profile system ideal for modern bathroom designs. Seamlessly integrating a balance of touch and technology, Stormtech linear drainage solutions offer a sophisticated and elegant design statement. Offering flexibility and tailored solutions, the linear drainage systems are a modular system that ensures complete design freedom and personalisation.

With no compromise on quality, Stormtech manufactures their products in marine grade stainless steel, while also offering cost efficient installation possibilities across any project. The option for custom design means that whatever your taste, the linear system from Stormtech will provide both function and elegance to any bathroom.

To complement the current trend in home design that uses metallic or bronze tones in kitchen and bathroom hardware, Stormtech offers now its different grate designs in 3 metallic colours – Sunlit Brass, Blazing Copper and Rustic Bronze – to offer more creative options to designers, specifiers and consumers. These coloured finishes will add an elegant touch to any design.

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