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Do you struggle to make it to art gallery openings or new exhibitions? Good news: art-mageddon is here and Art Lovers Australia is leading the charge towards a more inclusive and interactive artistic environment

Opened in October 2016, Art Lovers is an artist-run online gallery that has quickly gained a following of fans and an eclectic stable of emerging and established artists from around the country.

Profile: Art Lovers AustraliaSacred Waters -The Dive – Tillian

Profile: Art Lovers AustraliaYesterday, its thoughts and desires – Trevor Salisbury

With everything from sculptures and paintings to drawings, prints and photography readily available for sale, the virtual gallery and marketplace caters to artists, art enthusiasts and rookies entering the creative milieu.

The pair responsible for this new venture is Nancy Donaldson and Jarrod Knight, an entrepreneurial couple from the Gold Coast who have been making, admiring and collecting art for two decades. Jarrod, a children’s book author, and Nancy, an art educator for over 20 years, dreamed of creating a space that put the predominantly physical medium of visual art online. “People love being surrounded by beautiful and interesting objects and art is a big part of that,” says Nancy.

The idea for the business blossomed after a session of tea and scones at the Tweed River Gallery, where Nancy and Jarrod realised the Aussie market was begging for an interactive space so more individuals could see and access local art. Likewise, they fancied making the gateway into the savage world of commercial art a little easier.
More than just selling art, the online marketplace offers a personal approach to commercial art via exclusive experiences, workshops, tours and retreats.

Profile: Art Lovers AustraliaRainforest dream – Susan Skuse

Jarrod and Nancy understand that most of us are time poor, and we don’t always have the hours needed to visit as many galleries as we’d like, or find a perfect piece of art that aligns with our budget. “Art Lovers Australia can guide you through the process quickly and make it significantly simpler for you,” says Nancy. “Head to Art Lovers Australia’s online gallery to discover some of Australia’s best emerging talent, and while you are there make sure you vote for your favourite artworks to be in with a chance to win a $1000 art voucher.”

If you’re an artist hoping to get a foot in the door, a buyer looking to add to their collection or a rookie keen to learn more about the scene, Art Lovers Australia has it all in one place.

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Written by Louise Smithers

Originally in Home Design Magazine, Volume 20 Issue 6

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