Spacious Transformation

From Dull to Dazzling : A Spacious Transformation


Once a dark and lacklustre residence, this home has undergone a stunning transformation into a contemporary haven.

this home has undergone a stunning transformation

What began as a modest wish for a skylight blossomed into an expansive first-floor extension and renovation, infusing the home in natural light and opening up spaces to cater to the family’s needs.

The ground floor has been thoughtfully reimagined into an inviting open-plan haven. The dim corners of the original home have vanished, replaced by a space where contemporary lines marry seamlessly with the home’s inherent charm. The result is a living space that effortlessly transitions from intimate family moments to chic social gatherings.

The first floor introduces added space in a contemporary style. Two generously sized bedrooms invite restful slumber. A meticulously designed bathroom becomes a retreat for unwinding, where daily stresses fade away. Yet, this floor isn’t solely a sanctuary for respite. A lounge and study offer areas for leisure and productivity, while a large walk-in wardrobe provides amble storage and smart organisation.

Attic Group Bedroom design

Combining elegant modern highlights with the home’s original period charm, this updated home provides very comfortable living with plenty of space for entertaining.

Combining elegant modern highlights

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