The Madeira by Shutterflex

The Madeira large perforated blades are effective in allowing natural light and breezes to flow through

Shutterflex Madeira

The perforation provides effective privacy and still allows air flow. The design doesn’t compromise views with residents achieving a line of sight through the adjustable blade and perforation.

Madeira provides a user friendly and effective climate control solution that delivers a strong architectural expression through the façade.

While research and development of sustainable shading solutions often originates in the commercial arena, this product shows the successful transition of a commercial innovation to a residential application.

The Madeira succeeds on two points, it functions as a climate control device and a privacy screen, as well as a stylish architectural facade feature.

The installation of the Madeira on a home contributes to the sustainability and aesthetics of the home, combining form with function, and offering a stylish, contemporary solution for shading, natural light and ventilation to large outdoor areas.

It is a product design that offers other possibilities in the skin, including: different densities of perforation, laser cut patterns with integrated lighting or voltaic cells.

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