How Much you Could Save With Solar Power in Australia

With over 3 million households making the switch to solar, it’s no wonder they are hard to miss.

Why is this the case? Australia has more sunshine per square metre than any other continent in the world¹, which makes going solar too good an opportunity to pass up. Discover how much you save with solar power in Australia.

Your potential savings with solar power

Australia has the 16th highest cost of living in the world (as of September 2020), with countries such as the USA in 21st place, and the UK in 33rd.² So, it’s no surprise that millions have already made the switch to solar power as using electricity from the grid can be quite costly compared to generating power free from Australia’s abundant sunshine.

According to the Solahart Solar Index Report, a typical family, with a 6kW solar power system,  could enjoy savings of up to $1,500 on their annual energy bills. Also, they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to seven tonnes per year, making a significant difference to the planet.³

In addition, research by Solar Citizens found that on average, households with solar power have bills that are approximately 20 per cent lower than households without.⁴

Discover how you can save even more with battery storage

In many Australian homes, a lot of the energy produced by solar power panels is sent back to the grid because it’s generated when you’re not using it, for example in the middle of the day when you’re not using much power.

Adding home battery storage to a solar power system makes sense, as it stores electricity generated by solar panels for use later on. You can use excess solar power when the sun isn’t shining instead of sending it back to the grid, including at night or when utility rates are more expensive.

Solahart PowerStore, Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater also falls into this category, as it converts excess solar power into hot water. According to the Solahart Solar Index Report, if you replace an electric water heater on an off-peak tariff with PowerStore, the combined solar power and Solahart PowerStore systems could save you up to $1,760 per year on your energy bills.

Find out more about batteries here.

To find out how much you could save, Solahart offers a free home assessment that helps us better understand your needs and to provide you with a bespoke solution for your home and budget.

Solar power is a proven way to help you minimise your reliance on the grid, reduce your energy bills and do your bit for the environment. Solahart has installed over 600,000 solar power panels in Australia, and more than 1 million solar water heaters worldwide. To join the other 3 million Australian households in going solar, contact Solahart today.

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