InsulLiving: A revolutionary building system


Change the way you live with InsulLiving by Bondor

Engineered and manufactured in Australia, InsulLiving is a steel panel technology comprised of BlueScope steel and high-performance insulation. Eliminating the need for bricks or cladding, framing and plaster, InsulLiving is a “quicker, leaner, smarter and greener” method of construction for kit and modular homes.
InsulLiving walls and roof panels interlock tightly with a steel slip-joint and adjoining insulation to form a complete thermal barrier around the home. This drastically reduces air leakage and thermal bridging — a significant advantage in comparison to heat loss and heat gain in traditional homes. This feature has delivered energy savings in heating and cooling bills by up to 40 per cent to Australian InsulLiving homeowners.

The building system contains four key structural components and requires fewer materials to complete a home:

  1. A steel base channel is fixed to a slab or floor system.
  2. InsulWall wall panels are made to length with interior and exterior steel linings available in either a primed coat that is ready to paint or render, or alternatively, a pre-finished Colorbond finish for low maintenance.
  3. A steel top plate is placed over the walls to functionas a support for the roof, a lintel across clear openings and for distribution of electrical services around the home.
  4. SolarSpan 150-200mm insulated roof panels are lightweight and long spanning.

As well as these components, InsulLiving is extremely strong, even durable enough to combat the harsh Australian environment. The building system has been assessed to meet BAL-40 requirements for bushfire-prone regions and engineered for cyclonic regions.

Used in a variety of residential applications in metropolitan and regional locations, InsulLiving has been embraced for use in granny flats, modular homes, housing extensions, passive house designs and high-end homes.

About Bondor

Bondor’s philosophy on sustainable building leads the industry and raises the bar for residential construction in Australia. It paves the way for the next generation of energy-efficient homes that are architecturally pleasing and aesthetically no different than a traditional home.

The InsulLiving building system is currently involved in a three-year sustainable housing study by QUT (Queensland University of Technology), where five InsulLiving homes and other traditional homes are being monitored around the country for their energy efficiency and thermal performance. In its first year, the study has identified that InsulLiving has significant thermal performance advantages over traditional homes and is comparable to European housing standards through thermal imaging, air leakage tests and temperature monitoring.

The building system was recently a national finalist for the HIA GreenSmart Awards 2015, as well as a Sustainability Award winner and HIA Innovation Award winner in 2011.





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