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Spacious Living & Superior Comfort with Next-Generation Roofing
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Bondor’s next-generation in roofing technology is emerging as a popular choice for residential roof construction, not only creating superior thermal comfort for occupants but delivering more open and spacious living areas for small lot homes by eliminating the need for roof trusses and ceiling cavities with an ingenious insulated roof & ceiling all-in-one steel panel system

This engineered roof system offers designers the freedom to eliminate the need for traditional trusses creating more open and spacious living areas with high ceilings, especially with house lot sizes continuously shrinking due to land constraints.

Builders are now taking advantage of Bondor’s lightweight insulated metal roofing to deliver faster construction times, a simpler build with less building components and trades, with a roof and ceiling installed in one day, delivering cost and times savings. In addition, these modern homes are built with visually stunning skillion architectural roof lines, available in a variety of roof and ceiling profiles and Colorbond colours.

Bondor’s advanced roof system technology allows roof panels to interlock together offering a near airtight seal reducing air leakage and improves energy efficiency with its integrated insulation cores, saving home owners on heating or cooling costs and creating a climate controlled environment that is comfortable all year round for the family.

Bondor’s next-generation insulated metal roof and ceiling system is available nationally with local manufacture and support through a variety of outlets.


Publish at: , last modify at: 15/08/2019
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