Paint the town blue

Haymes Hues October 2015
Paint the town blue
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With September heading our way, we say goodbye to a cold, grey winter and embrace the flourishing months of spring. This seasonal change brings a fresh approach to our lives and to our homes…and we don’t just mean a ‘Spring Clean’!

Haymes has chosen to focus on vibrant and intense tones of teal from their colour palette for some interior inspiration and rejuvenation this spring.

Haymes Hues October 2015










‘Stormy Blue’ and ‘Essence’ are lively colours that give you the power to transform a single space into a cool and calming environment.

Blue is often associated with this sense of serenity but these colours are also bold enough to stand out, especially next to a vase of spring blooms.

In the same way that spring is full of new life, Haymes’ core colour hues can bring a fresh, relaxed vibe to your space and let your walls be part of Spring’s colour parade.


Words: Georgina Owen

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