Intelligent Solar Solutions for Your Home

It’s no secret that Australia is adopting to a greener future, with everyday life now more focused on recycling, reducing pollution and carbon footprint.

That’s why Australia and New Zealand was the first country in the world to receive the premium range of solar inverter products for the world-famous General Electric (GE) brand.

With elegant design, the latest safety features, intuitive user controls and remote monitoring from your phone or tablet, the GE range of solar products provides the ultimate solution for any residential solar system, giving you energy independence and reducing your electricity bills.

The compact, but powerful range of GEP inverter products are designed to harness solar energy from sunrise to sunset, regardless of weather conditions. With their elegant design and colour LED screens, the GEP range also offers features such as “Smart Shadow Scan” where the inverter scans and works at maximum power with solar panels, minimizing the impact of any shadows caused by objects such as trees, buildings or debris.

The GEH range of hybrid (battery) inverters are suited for residential properties, and have been designed to cope with the most complex rooftops for multiple solar arrays. The GEH is compatible with a variety of high voltage solar batteries and is the ultimate solution for maximising your solar power generation, and storing it for you to consume in comfort and security, including UPS-Level (Uninterrupted Power Supply) switching, keeping essential loads powered in the event of a power blackout.

GE Platinum Retailers

Our Platinum Retailer program comprises of a shortlist of selected solar retailers around Australia that provide an unmatched level of customer service for your solar power needs using GE products, from initial consultation, to impeccable home installation and reliable after-sales support. Just look for the GE Platinum Retailer logo.

Photography courtesy of GE Platinum Retailer, Six Star Plus

Visit and use the Map on the bottom of our home page to find your nearest GE Platinum Retailer!

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