Peeling Away Old Paint

Peeling Away Old Paint


Home RenovationsFor restoration and renovation applications, the Peel Away Paint removal system has become a popular, safe and effective solution

Off-the-shelf products using aggressive solvent strippers have been banned in many parts of the world. So how to get the job done? Now there’s Peel Away’s solution that requires no harmful solvents that affect health, soil and air, but still get a tough job done.

Most other mechanical methods used for the removal of old paint like sand and grit blasting, as well as high-pressure blasters, have difficulties with waste containment. If the requirement is the removal of a multitude of layers of old lead paint, the end result could lead to harmful air-borne particles, soil contamination and, finally, water pollution. These methods are suitable only if done in a concealed and controlled environment.

Using the Peel Away system has many safe environmental benefits including:
• Removal of multiple layers of paint in one application
• No dust or fumes
• Full containment of lead particles
• Safe, controlled chemical disposal
• Prevention of dangerous air-borne particles going into the atmosphere
• Reduced health risks to the public and industry

Peel Away comes in a thick paste form that is applied to the surface and covered with a unique laminated plastic cover sheet that seals it during the stripping process. Numerous projects have been successfully completed in the past 12 years using this paint removal system.

The use of Peel Away Number nine (9) — Marine Safety Strip — contributes to the removal of the anti-fouling paint used on boats and which has done considerable damage to marine ecology.

The Peel Away patented system is manufactured in Australia under licence in accordance with ISO 9000 standards. The company also offers a contaminated waste removal service to prevent waste going to land fill if and when the Peel Away system is used. The EPA authorities recommend a poultice system as a safe method of paint removal.

Most renovations and refurbishments of old buildings are first assessed for any contaminated materials such as asbestos and lead paint used in the past construction of the building.

Sydney’s Supreme Court in King Street had undergone a major restoration and internal redevelopment. Peel Away Number 1 was used to remove multiple layers of paint from facades, mouldings, rendered walls and a dome. At the early stages of the project one of the courtrooms had Peel Away Number 6 carefully applied to remove paint layers and uncover the original limewash coating and stencil work. Most of the building has very good features of natural sandstone.

The new Peel Away 8 paint remover has been three years in research and development. Using the latest chemistry has produced an innovative and effective product that is safe, biodegradable and easy to use. Peel Away 8 has a patent application pending including Australia and New Zealand.

The advantage of Peel Away 8 is it is safe and easy to apply. It works on multiple surfaces, removing about 12 to 15 layers in one application. It is proven to work on oil, acrylics and some epoxies, especially on acrylic-painted bricks. Moreover, it is a pH neutral product with no harsh solvents. Using the Peel Away system to remove lead paint offers a range of environmental benefits.

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