The best double-glazed windows money can buy


We show you just why these windows are considered ‘the best in the industry’

Plustec’s windows have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, the reason for which is simple: they are environmentally-friendly and quality-made with a design that puts the interests of home owners at the forefront.

Made in Sydney, Australia, on quality European equipment, Plustec’s windows are manufactured to custom design and size and double-glazed with 24 or 30mm overall double glazed units, and feature unique tilt and turn operation.

Environmentally friendly Ca-Zn stabilized, lead-free three-chamber profiles (frames) using a hot climate mixture suitable for Australian condition.

Glazing beads inside allow easy glass changing and improved security, while there isflexible glass type and size selection available to accommodate a range of conditions ( including acoustic, low-emissions, bushfire, laminated, toughened, obscure or tinted).

And, of course, there are a variety of colours avaliable, from Renolit laminated foils to Zobel specialised uPVC paint, tinted to any colour.

Be sure to check out Plustec’s website for more details on these amazing windows.

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