Want to paint bold like they do on The Block?

Want to paint bold like they do on The Block?
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I just got a Dulux Colour Consultant to visit my pad. It was possibly the best few bucks I’ve ever spent, and you get it off the purchase price of the paint when you go and buy. So, why are we so frightened by colour that we need a consultant to help us choose?

When I see bold colours being used on The Block I think “yeah – fire engine red feature wall – way to go”, but when it comes to doing that in my own place I chicken out. Chances are most of us only renovate a few properties in a lifetime, so making choices that you are going to live with for the next 10 years freaks you out. Getting a colour consultant to visit your place and help just makes sense.
So – did I chicken out? No way! The colours are a mixture of warm and cool – its a palette I’d never have the guts to choose on my own. I got some good advice on lightening dark spaces, adding vibrancy and just getting the best effect. Some of my spaces are dark, and can’t be helped by colour – so it was just about accepting that and going for cozy atmospherics.
As a student I lived in a flat that was a physiotherapy practice before we moved in. It was MBF blue throughout and nearly drove us all crazy. Fortunately the landlord didn’t like it either and welcomed our efforts with newspaper and a spraycan. You’re going to have to live with it – so get a consultant to help.

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