Who are your favourite interior designers?

Who are your favourite interior designers?
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This is my top ten!
1. Vincent Wolf – clean look that has managed to stay fresh over time http://www.vicentewolf.com/associates/info/biography
2. Clodagh from Ireland – earthy/cosmo flair http://clodagh.com/
3. Juan Montoya from Colombia – stunning textural minimalism http://www.juanmontoyadesign.com/
4. John Saladino – artist’s http://www.saladinostyle.com/#/section/sdg%20interiors
5. Michael Graves – postmodernism at its best http://www.michaelgraves.com/architecture/home.html
6. Anouska Hempel from the UK – her command of light and pattern is quite amazing http://www.anouskahempeldesign.com/residential/
7. Bennett & Judie Weinstock from Philadelphia – playful richness http://www.architecturaldigest.com/architects/100/bennett_weinstock/bennett_weinstock_profile
8. Tricia Guild from London – quirky colour sense http://www.designersguild.com/about-us/
9. Diamond Baratta – masters of colour http://www.diamondbarattadesign.com/home.html
10. Mario Buatta – http://www.architecturaldigest.com/architects/100/mario_buatta/mario_buatta_profile
Who are your favourite designers?

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