Seaside Haven: Pipis at Cabarita Unveiled as the Ultimate Coastal Getaway


Nestled proudly at the intersection of Hastings Road, Pipis by Cabarita stands as the freshest addition to the southern coast’s holiday lodging options.

With a focus on catering to both small and large groups, this retreat offers a chance to bask in the Cabarita beach sunlight. Conveniently situated mere steps away from the local attractions, these two villas provide an ideal haven for visitors seeking relaxation.

Drawing inspiration from the abundance of pipi shells that grace Cabarita beach, the design of the two villas showcases a delightful combination of soft pink and warm white tones. The incorporation of timber elements in the interior and exterior pays homage to the surrounding natural environment. A particularly striking feature, the centerpiece island bench, derives its design from the distinctive shape of the pipi shell, seamlessly complementing the timber motifs that define the space.

the design of the two villas showcases a delightful combination of soft pink and warm white tones

Considering the coastal setting, it becomes imperative to address the impact of the elements. Pipis at Cabarita’s close proximity to the shoreline exposes it to the unrelenting sun and briny sea breezes. These environmental factors can pose challenges to the preservation of timber elements. To counteract this, a protective coating of CUTEK® Extreme CD50 has been meticulously applied. This innovative solution acts as a guardian against moisture, the timber’s foremost adversary.

The ingenious products offered by CUTEK® are strategically engineered to not only safeguard timber but also accentuate its inherent beauty. Amidst the backdrop of Cabarita beach’s pipis, this vacation sanctuary is fortified with the resilience of CUTEK® Extreme CD50. This ensures that the natural elements that define Cabarita as an alluring destination do not compromise the quality of the retreat.

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