About Escea

Escea, a leading edge designer and manufacturer of modern gas fireplaces from New Zealand, offers a range of indoor and outdoor gas and wood fireplaces. Escea’s gas log fireplaces range in terms of heat output, style and functionality, including wireless Smartphone control, flexible installation options, multiple room heat ducting and Zero Clearance rating.

The Escea team prides itself on their high quality design and manufacturing. Escea offers a variety of fireplace options from inbuilt, retrofit, freestanding and outdoor.

Besides the facts, the story behind the fire is a high priority for Escea. A gas heater should represent more than just a heat source; it should be a statement of art and bestow ambiance and atmosphere.

For more information visit our website and feel free to email us with any questions.

Escea AF700-mantle

New AF700 gas fireplace from Escea

With Escea’s new AF700 gas fireplace, it is easier than ever to replace your old open fronted wood fireplace or radiant space heater