Fresh and sophisticated: freestanding gas fireplace


Smart, innovative gas heater design taken to the next level

The latest in Escea’s gas heater range isn’t just sexy and stylish; it also stands at the forefront of gas heater design.

The Escea FS730 Gas Fireplace was developed in response to popular  demand for a mess-free, efficient alternative to freestanding wood burners that would still maintain the ambience that a flame provides. The result is a state-of-the-art gas heater with cool-touch curved body, contemporary styling and large flame display.

The FS730 is perfect for those lacking the space for an insert gas log fire, an inbuilt fireplace or for those looking to replace a freestanding wood burner. As it does not need a hearth, the fireplace can be placed on any flooring — allowing the ultimate design flexibility.

The FS730 gas fireplace has a heat output of 5.6kW and a 3.8 ENERGY STAR rating and to maximise efficiency, Escea’s Smart Heat Technology monitors the room temperature and adjusts the fireplace automatically. Smart Heat also allows users to control their fire via their smartphone.

Escea offers a free Architectural Advisory service providing information and support — check out their website to learn more.

Escea AF700-mantle

New AF700 gas fireplace from Escea

With Escea’s new AF700 gas fireplace, it is easier than ever to replace your old open fronted wood fireplace or radiant space heater
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