Bigger, better and more powerful: the AF960 gas fire


Escea’s latest gas fireplace builds on the strengths of its previous model

The AF700 is a one of a kind product within the gas fireplace market–not only is it energy-efficient but offers two times more visible flame and the slimmest fascia currently available.

The design of the AF700 is purposely engineered to allow it to be installed in a number of places. Angled sides accommodate for tight spaces sometimes found with existing chimney fireplaces, and the AF700 can seamlessly fit inside the majority of cavities.

The AF960, meanwhile, is a bigger, powerful and efficient version of the AF700, featuring a beautiful, slimline design. Glass front and The Direct Vent flue creates a closed combustion system and it only uses outside air for combustion, carrying away exhaust air without any exchange of room air.

The latest and best technology gives the AF960 significantly heightened heat output and energy efficiency, retaining more heat within a room and burning more cleanly. Smart Heat is also enabled with the AF960, allowing you to control your fireplace from anywhere using the Escea app.

The AF960 comes in three fuel bed options: Logs, Coals and River Rocks, which can be combined with Volcanic Black, Titanium Silver or Stainless Steel Fascia.

Escea AF700-mantle

New AF700 gas fireplace from Escea

With Escea’s new AF700 gas fireplace, it is easier than ever to replace your old open fronted wood fireplace or radiant space heater
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