For 29 years Spantec Systems has been designing steel flooring systems for builders and owner-builders, with a view to making things as simple as possible on site.

Their target is to reduce site work and reduce the time required to understand the system. Kit Floor frames: Spantec Systems takes your architectural plans and uses them to design the most efficient and economical flooring system. The floor frame is delivered to site as a complete package, with made-to-length bearers, joists, brackets and screws, as well as detailed plans showing how the floor goes together. All bearers and joists are marked to match the plans. The simplicity of the system makes it just as easy for owner-builders as it is for builders.

The Spantec Smart Bearer is an innovative product that allows a computer-aided program to talk with the manufacturing machines, meaning that every designed project that has an inline floor system receives a bearer that is already marked out with joist locations. The bracket location holes are pre-punched and each bearer carries clear stamped identification as to how it is assembled, this information then relates back to the prepared construction drawings. Saving time on-site installation.

Light and Easy to Use: Because the beams are made from high tensile steel, Spantec® floor frames are very light and safe to handle on site. In some applications, these steel flooring systems can be completed in a day without the need for a tradesperson. Spantec® beams are manufactured from two sheets of zinc-coated high tensile steel, roll-formed and locked together by a patented process. The result is a beam that is 40-60% lighter than timber, with the strength and durability of steel.

Straighter, Stronger, Simpler Floors: Steel flooring systems are an ideal alternative to timber because they won’t shrink, twist or rot, so there are no problems with squeaky floors, cracked cornices, or doors and windows that stick. They are also termite-proof and fire resistant.

The beams have similar dimensions to standard timber beams and are produced to controlled tolerances. They are manufactured to required lengths but can be easily cut on site, if necessary, using simple tools such as a drop saw or circular saw with a friction blade. Spantec® beams come in a range of beam sizes and gauges from 100 x 50mm to 250 x 50mm, ensuring that an economical beam selection can be found for every project.

The wide range of brackets and accessories makes it an easy substitute for timber in most applications.

Whatever flooring option you choose, it will sit uniformly flat on the joists. Spantec® takes pride in their floors and always design them to be stiff (no bounce).

The Right Piers For The Job: Spantec also supplies an adjustable steel pier system called Ezi-Pier™ that again makes it easier and quicker (no need to wait for a bricklayer to put up piers). . Perfect for sloping sites. On sloping sites, Spantec® floor framing eliminates the need for cutting, filling and compaction. And there’s no need to repair the site with expensive landscaping after the completion of building, often an overlooked cost in the building equation.

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