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Finding a cost-effective flooring solution can be hazardous when building your home. Not only is it time consuming waiting for a product to turn up on-site, but you also then need to measure, mark, and cut the bearers and joists.

With Spantec Systems’ Boxspan steel flooring systems, you can easily plan your build. These non-combustible, straight and true flooring systems are designed to your requirements, delivered as a complete kit and is the solution to your flooring.

Using CAD technology and automated manufacturing, Spantec’s solution speeds up construction; is cost effective; and is also termite proof, non-combustible and won’t rot, twist or shrink.

“Our service offer to market is continually spoken about by our customers,” says Steve Targonski, national sales manager of Spantec Systems. “We receive a lot of new leads purely based on our service level. We manufacture premium-quality products, featuring galvanised coating inside and out, and provide design and engineering — all completed in house.”

Flooring solutions

Spantec Systems specialises in sub floors that are strong and long-lasting — backed by a 25-year warranty — to support your new dream home. It has specialised in the area for over 30 years. “We are a sloping site specialist that has custom-designed systems that can have up to a six-metre floor, all while having a concrete feel underfoot,” says Steve. “We can provide an engineering service for your sub floor, footing and bracing requirements and we deliver Australia-wide.”

Spantec was founded in 1991 by managing director Roy Beaumont. The company started out as a small operation in Eastwood, then Silverwater, both in Sydney, before moving to large 40,000-square-metre premises at Braemar near Mittagong in the Southern Highlands. The modern and largely automated plant is unique to Spantec and has been developed to repeatedly produce high-quality products.

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