BoConcept Store launch sydney furniture

An exciting new furniture opportunity next week in Sydney!

BoConcept Furniture Exciting new premiere store sydney

I am really excited for the Grand Opening of this new furniture store, BoConcept in Sydney next week. These are the creators of the brand, Urban Danish Design, which recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary. This company’s furniture and ideas are quite funky and unique.

One of my favourites from their new collection is this couch here:

I love the unusual petrol-meets-peacock colour they’ve used in this couch and the detail of the tailoring. The fabric itself looks so comfortable.

Their functional pieces in tables are particularly clever. Take a squiz at this coffee table;

I can just imagine my coffee table being covered in the usual debris (dvd covers, bottles of nail polish, placemats, books, scrap-book materials…) with 5 minutes until guests arrive – and being able to sweep it all inside the table (and hopefully deal with the clutter later). It would be a life-saver. Plus you could keep your swank design, fashion, art and other “coffee-table books” inside of the table, out of the way of food and beverages, but ready to be enjoyed.

BoConcept’s new store will open next week on the 23rd of October. The new store will be located at:

575-597 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

And after you’ve spent the afternoon at this gorgeous store, start your night at Italian resturant Bravo Trattoria. I went there only two weeks ago and not only is the food delightful and fresh, but the service is great and the atmosphere is lovely. Be sure to ask for your gelato in a bowl – you wont be disappointed.


P.S. Ensure you keep up to date with BoConcept’s latest designs on Complete Home here