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As it starts to cool down, it’s time to think about heating options so your outdoor room is still a comfortable space to use

By Sunny de Bruyn

Choosing a model

There are lots of portable options to choose from with heat sources including ethanol, gas, wood and electricity. Chimineas, braziers and fire pits (also called hot boxes or fire bowls) are all popular, particularly as they have a rustic charm and create a romantic atmosphere. They can also double as a barbecue! Gas-fired patio heaters are ideal because they’re cheap to run and a clean fuel-source. Column heaters and table-top heaters are easily portable and the heat level can be adjusted to suit your comfort level. If you have somewhere to attach it, wall heaters are an option, particularly if the floor space is small and you don’t want a heater cluttering the area. When deciding which is best for you, it’s a good idea to take environmental factors into account and look at the running cost and efficiency. Ambience is also important as you want your heating solution to provide a cosy, enticing atmosphere as much as you want it to warm your toes. The look, smell and colour are all things to think about.

Buying tip

Before you buy, think about the area you want to heat. Do you want the heat to fill the whole outdoor space or just one spot (such as over the seating area or table)? If you’ll be using it only occasionally or if the area you need to heat is small, it’s not too critical if it’s a little pricier to run. However, if the area is large and you want to keep it warm for long periods, you’ll need an efficient heater that has low running costs. The model and installation may cost more but it will pay off in the long run. If space is an issue, a fire pit or brazier that transforms into a grill is a great option.

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