Doing the research: how the internet can make you a savvier shopper


By Lauren Knight

Statistics show Australian electronics customers are becoming smarter shoppers, with 79% doing their research online before walking into a store, and 71% haggling to get the best deal possible on products they wish to purchase.

A report from Canstar Blue showed Generation X to be the most likely group to haggle (76%), followed by the baby boomers (75%) and lastly Generation Y (58%). However, when it comes to researching online, the opposite is true. Generation Y came out on top at 86%, closely followed by Generation X shoppers (84%) and finally the Baby Boomers at 73%. The report also found men to be more likely than women to haggle for electronic goods at 71% and 68% respectively.

Despite being more informed when it comes to buying electronics, we still impulse buy, with 3 of 10 customers over committing once in the store.

Here are some tips on smarter ways to buy electronics:

1. Check the product warranty: Product warranties can vary between brands. A good product warranty is an attractive feature, giving you peace of mind that you won’t burn your money if the product develops a systems failure.

2. Energy Star rating: Appliances carrying the energy star logo will use 20-30% less energy than products without, meaning its better for the environment and for your wallet!

3. Features and Functionality: Unless you’re an electronics product guru, it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between models/brands of products. Reading online reviews or magazines can be helpful to decide which one will best suit your lifestyle or needs.

4. Ease of Use: Make sure you read up on the instruction manual and make sure to ask the sales staff lots of questions. You want to be getting the most out of your new product!