Escape and unwind

Escape and unwind
Escape and unwind
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An ultimate beachside residence provides the perfect getaway.

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A modern beach house in Callala Beach on Jervis Bay is the talk of the town. Designers of modern coastal homes and beach houses, Sydney Design Group had specific objectives for creating the perfect luxury dwelling. Centred on the east-west orientation of the site, the idea to create a C-shape design was decided on to take advantage of the north aspect in the living areas. The focal point of the home is the scribbly gum tree; in response to the design brief which stated, “We’d like to feel as though we’re living in amongst the trees.”

From every room within the house, there is a connection back to the tree and the brilliant blue sky, reminding the occupants of the great outdoors. There’s a visual connection from the hallways and bedrooms back to the living areas through the large expanses of double-glazed doors. Opening up the sliding doors facing the internal courtyard connects the upstairs living to the downstairs entertainment deck outdoors. Surrounded by natural bush reserve, the three-bedroom house boasts a gourmet kitchen, open-plan living, expansive deck area and stylish décor. It’s the perfect place to which to escape and unwind, with stunning views, up-to-date modern luxuries and a stylish interior and exterior. Inside the home, the need for airy and flowing spaces was imperative in creating the right feel. For the occupants, easy and simple living, healthy indoor air quality and low maintenance inside and out were the requirements. Hazelwood Beach House offers all the modern conveniences of today in a simple yet stylish and environmentally responsible home. Blackbutt timber was chosen for the stairs and external decking, while messmate was used for the flooring. These materials were chosen for the low-maintenance qualities and natural characteristics they offered.

The use of these materials emphasises the warm look and feel intended for the home. Blackbutt timber also worked effectively, mimicking the rhythmic pattern and blend with the colour of the exterior. The material chosen for the external cladding was western red cedar v-joint finger joint boards left to weather naturally. In its search for an eye-catching and funky exterior, Sydney Design Group discovered a local company, Natcedar, which also custommade the cedar front entrance doors. The choice to use timber throughout the home was due to its aesthetic appeal and thermal insulation qualities. Hazelwood Beach House by Sydney Design Group was awarded the national winner of 2009 Australian Timber Design Awards for the best use of western red cedar. 

Sydney Design Group visualised a home that was timeless in its detail and one that doubled as an entertainer’s paradise.

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