Flowers, Foliage and Greenery


Styling plants and flowers in your home is one interior design element that changes with the seasons.  We are now seeing terrariums, short stems in tall vases, edible bouquets and more foliage than ever before!

What’s Flourishing:

  1. Orchid’s in tall glass vases, make a gorgeous statement.
Inspired by:

Grab a nice tall round plain glass vase, fill it with as little or as much water as you like and sit your orchids inside, making sure they don’t protrude out of the vase. A chic way of styling orchids and keeping them fresh and free from fingers! This type of styling also looks great with a bunch of roses, sitting them tightly inside the vase.

  1. Kale, the wonder food.
Inspired by: Julia Smith Floral Styling

Not only are we consuming more kale than ever before in green smoothies and as substitute potato chips, we are utilizing the vegetable like never before in our bouquets and flower arrangements. Kale, like a petite cabbage, comes in green and vibrant purple with a long sturdy stem. Kale adds a bright splash to any arrangement, be sure to change the water in the vase daily to prevent odour.

  1. Terrariums, are replacing fish bowls around the country.
Inspired by: Southern Living

They look chic, eye catching and bring some calm, living greenery into your home. Hang or sit them on a bench, you have the freedom to design your own mini garden. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, with artillery ferns, maranta and baby’s tears our favourite terrarium plant picks. They also make for great gift ideas as well!

Words: Georgia Westgarth