Giorgetti Furniture in Focus

Giorgetti Furniture in Focus


In collaboration with internationally acclaimed architects and designers, today Giorgetti continues to make some of the world’s finest furniture and furnishings.

Giorgetti is passionately dedicated to providing an ever-expanding showcase of innovative and quality furniture pieces. This has allowed the company to evolve from an ancient carpenter’s workshop in Meda in 1898 to an institution that has gained an identity among contemporary design companies. The new Giorgetti collection is unique as it derives from the co-operation and unbridled creativity of designers who had — strange as it may sound — never designed furniture before.

Some of the world’s finest were brought in to make their mark on the Giorgetti name. Painter and sculptor Massimo Scolari, London architect Leon Krier and Hong Kong-based Chi Wing Lo are just a handful of the talent that has formed to make the Giorgetti brand a unique blend of cultures and influences, establishing Giorgetti’s reputation across the world. As a result, each piece stands alone — each is the result of a very personal design idea.

The range of woods, leathers, fabrics and metals Giorgetti offers allows you to create a unique piece of furniture. Whether it is simply a chair or furniture for an entire home, your Giorgetti furniture will be admired for years. Each and every detail is given maximum attention and no effort is spared to obtain aesthetic and structural perfection.

From groovy sofas, cool chairs, to a big, comfortable bed — there will be something to suit any taste and mood.

The average shopper in Milan knows how to dress, what to wear and where to buy it. It’s for this reason the Giorgetti store is located in one of Milan’s exclusive shopping boulevards, Via Montenapoleone. Here you’ll find the biggest names in fashion, from Armani to Trussardi, Chanel and Moschino — all to tempt any window shopper into the store.

Carlo Giorgetti is the third generation of a family who has worked hard to make innovative and exceptionally crafted pieces of furniture, turning them into functional modern items. Giorgetti furniture can be bought in outlets in more than 60 countries around the world, proving that the quality and design of the items are universally appreciated. Carlo Giorgetti and his team really do care about interior design for your home. He believes it’s not just functional, it’s a way of life — one that you must believe in.

Architect and designer of furniture for Giorgetti, Chi Wing Lo said, “Comfort and rejuvention, versatility and liberation, the potency of solidity and subtlety of lightness, the strong beating of electronic impulse, the content of quiet seclusion, the delight of vivid illumination … these are among the qualities that consolidate an image of commitment and consistency so manifested in our continuing pursuit in the cultivation of living and wellbeing.”
“The Giorgetti style cannot be described with overused and generic terms such as ‘classic’ or ‘modern’,” said Carlo Giorgetti, President Giorgetti S.p.A. “The Giorgetti style is simply unique, linear, elegant, original and, above all, in evolution.”

SPACE Furniture has long been hailed the Australian mecca for international furniture and creativity, responsible for introducing exotic and coveted pieces from Europe. It is no surprise, then, that SPACE is to be the new home of the Giorgetti Furniture Collection as it arrives hot off the catwalk from Milan. With a rich history and flair for creating design-delicious furniture, the Giorgetti Collection will sit comfortably amongst the prestigious portfolio of international names available from SPACE. 

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