KBDi design 20ten finalists announced


The state finalists for the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute ‘design20ten’ awards have been announced. Winners will be announced at a gala evening held as part of the KBDi Annual Conference on 14 August. Good luck to all finalists and check back here for details of the winners after the event.

NSW Finalists
Small Kitchens: John Little/Gavin Hepper/Karl Noonan
Medium Kitchens: Joseph Ardita/Gavin Hepper/Elizabeth Luke
Large Kitchens: Geoff Little/John Little/Gloria Rose
Small Bathrooms: Bev Kahn/Karl Noonan/Karl Noonan
Large Bathrooms: Geoff Little/Karl Noonan/Elizabeth Luke

Qld Finalists
Small Kitchens: Kim Duffin/Elton Roep/Mal Corboy
Medium Kitchens: Kim Duffin/Mal Corboy/Darren James
Large Kitchens: Eileen Middleton/Ann Gillis/Lee Hardcastle
Small Bathrooms: Aimee Baddock/Eileen Middleton
Large Bathrooms: Allan Fry/Eileen Middleton

SA/WA Finalists
Medium Kitchens: Haris Bahityarov/Robert Bayly/Krystal Castle/Tony Warren
Large Kitchens: Haris Bahityarov/Bronwyn richards/Mike Schirmer/Paul Hutchison
Large Kitchens: Kordula Stuart/Maggie Milligan
Small Bathrooms: Eilza Rudkin/David Ellwood/Maggie Milligan
Large Bathrooms SA: Paul Hutchison/Eliza Rudkin
Large Bathrooms WA: David Ellwood/David Ellwood/Maggie Milligan

Vic/Tas Finalists
Small Kitchens: Patricia LaTorre/Patricia LaTorre/Lenka
Medim Kitchens Vic: Frank Iaria/Frank Iaria/Lindsay Williams/Albert Zarb
Large Kitchens Vic: Ed Mamrot/Frank Iaria/Markus Sawatzki
Small Bathrooms Vic: Owen Barnes/Owen Barnes/Royston Wilson
Large Bathrooms: Lenka/Royston Wilson

Unique Project Award
National Finalists: Catherine Young/Justin Putric/Karl Noonan

Most Outstanding KBDi Student in Kitchen Design
Finalists: Craig Johnson/Darren James/David Barr/Christine Gillam/Chenoa Watson

Most Outstanding KBDi Student in Bathroom Design
Finalists: Levi Skliwa/David Ellwood/Susan Wasley

Certified Designer of the Year
National Finalists: Mal Corboy/Royston Wilson/Woen Barnes/Darren James/Kim Duffin/Paul Hutchison

For more information visit www.kbdi.org.au