The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Room Reveal


Last night we got our first glimpse at the style of each couple’s apartment as they revealed the designs of their guest bedrooms. And I have to say, I was very impressed! Even the underdogs, Chantelle and Steve put up a trendy and particularly clever concept. Favourites to take the crown come auction day, Alisa and Lysandra were always going to be tough competition and although the boys and Kyal and Kara put up a good fight, the twins won with a comfortable one point ahead of the pack.

So here’s what I thought of the guest bedrooms, feel free to share your opinions too by commenting below or via Twitter or Facebook.

First place — Alisa and Lysandra: Explained by Neale as “The perfect guest room because it’s like a self-contained little suite”, the twins fit out for their first bedroom was a bed/desk combination. Upon walking in, you are stopped by the stunning, handmade door that the girls created from recycled floorboards, and then as you step into the room, your eye is drawn to a rustic exposed brick feature wall behind the bed head, complemented by a timber facade on the far wall. Exuding a clear Manhattan loft-style, the girls put their typical luxe twist on the space with purple sheer curtains and simple-yet-clever wardrobe storage underneath the floating desk space (a hit with storage queen, Shaynna). Specifically made to look like it’s floating, the girls had the steel frame for the staircase welded and their chippies make the timber stairs himself. All-in-all, a gorgeous room from the ex-police women (who stole their flower-arrangement from a local park), but I do think they can do better, and dubbed ‘the queens of bathrooms’, I am looking forward to their next reveal which is the bathroom, laundry and terrace.

Second place — Kyal and Kara: My pick to win last night, however just falling short, Kyal and Kara’s room was classy yet incredibly chic, displaying a recent trend of sophisticated clutter. With several pieces made by Kyal himself in the room, including the shelf and pendant lights, there is a uniqueness and personal touch to the space, complemented by the warmth of the underfloor heating (the only couple to use this feature and is expected to see the difference come auction day). Although Neale described it as a “kitchen sink room … I’ve got an overwhelming urge to take something out”, Darren completely disagreed by adding, “I think it is spot on … this isn’t basic, it’s very layered”. Displaying two abstract pieces by Christopher Cayetano Art and an exquisite round copper mirror from Zuster, the room showed how well this young couple can combine their urban, industrial style with maturity and experience, to create a space that anyone could live in.

Third place — Brad and Dale: A very classy, modern room for the only all-boy team this season. Brad and Dale’s guest bedroom displays a very refined and minimalist style, although I think they may have taken the judges frequent saying, “less is more” a little too far. If they had added a rug, a mirror or larger, more overwhelming armchair, this might have helped, however overall, it is a nice space. Particularly worth mentioning, is the superb Megan Weston artwork that the boys had commissioned. Using resin, ink and acrylic, Megan Weston is inspired by aerial photography and its ability to view our world as fragile in the vast solar system. With a very neutral white and grey palette, Brad says, “We want to make it a really sellable house, we don’t want to go too out there with the different features because you may scare aware a few buyers, we’re trying to appeal to the widest market”. And I think they could be on a winner with this idea, looking back at past series winners.

Chumps — Chantelle and Steve: Inspired by the over-the-top barn door to their guest bedroom, Chantelle and Steve’s room has been fit out with a cowhide rug, a James Northfield vintage poster roller blind and their handmade petrol bowser floor lamp that Shaynna wants to buy, all of which is also complemented by an exposed brick wall. Neale summed up the room quite well when he walked in and said, “I don’t like this room … Nothing for me is gelling. It feels messy … it feels a bit try hard”. However after the desk/shelving unit was revealed as a concealed bed, Neale added “… suddenly, I like this room a whole lot more”. As soon as that cleverly constructed bed/desk/wardrobe from The Comfort Shop comes down, the clutter and overwhelming feeling in the room disappears, and what is left is something quite warm and cosy. From watching the week’s episodes and seeing the extent to which Chantelle and Steve struggled, failed and learnt, I think they might be the silent achievers in this series, but we will just have to wait and find out!

All-in-all, I think there are great things to come on this season of The Block and I am glad the fans are giving the faves a run for their money (literally).

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Speak again soon fellow Blockheads!