There's a hole in my bucket

There's a hole in my bucket
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Bucket_V_tekIt’s great to see designers having fun with new products and not over-thinking new designs so much. This new product from Scarabeo Ceramics is a perfect example of fun and functionality in one, very cute, washbasin.

Bucket_R_tekThe Bucket collection is designed by architect Giovanna Talocci and is available in various sizes and decorative motifs. With simple, clean lines the range is lighthearted and playful while embodying the functionality and practicality needed in the bathroom. Each bucket is available in pure white to emphasise its form and allow the characteristics of the decorative motifs to take centre stage.

Bucket_U_tekThe handle of the bucket becomes the towel rail in both the wall-mounted and countertop versions while the wide choice of decoration makes this collection suitable for a range of applications including residential installations and public-use areas such as restaurants, bars and clubs.





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