Wash away your problems with these appliance tips

Wash away your problems with these appliance tips
Wash away your problems with these appliance tips
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Doing the washing and then waiting for it to dry is a hassle. Even in this modern age where all it takes is the click of a few buttons and the turn of a few switches, it’s still tedious. None of this can be changed though, so what is important is to control things that are within your power, such as what washing machine and dryer you should purchase. Every selection and combination has its benefits and disadvantages – it is often dependant entirely on one’s living arrangements.

Washing machines typically come as a 6-7kg capacity and if you’re anything but a family of four, it’s best to not opt for one of these and go for a more compact model. Compared to a top load, the front load designs are a great all-round option with their efficient energy use and water consumption – the water is positioned horizontally and as the drum rotates, gravity will do its job in always submerging your clothes, whereas top loaders require enough water to fill the entire drum which is usually larger.


front load washer











Thankfully, dryers are a lot simpler as there’s two types of models: one that has a Heat Pump Condenser and one that doesn’t. The ones that don’t are a lot less expensive but often leave a massive burning hole in your pocket when the energy bill comes, whereas ones with a Condenser cost a lot more up front but it will end up paying for itself.













Follow the golden rule; simply look at the “Energy Star Rating” and “Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme (WELS)” that are featured as stickers on each appliance. Confine your choices to ones that are best suited to you in order to make the best purchase. Happy washing and drying!


Words: Simeon Barut


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