5 HOT bathroom design ideas

5 HOT bathroom design ideas



From striking black to glass, glass, glass, the latest bathroom design ideas will leave you wishing every room was a bathroom.



1. Bathe in black

The Hayon collection, designed by Jamie Hayon for Bisazza, is a sleek and sophisticated series full of bold blacks and whites and a diva-like sentimentality. Pictured here is a pair of octagonal washbasins, which sit atop the large table with metal frame. These items belong to the Diamante series. The Methacrylate bath with external wooden frame is from Hayon’s Organico series and comes with the option of a black or white gloss. bisazzabagno.it



2. Two-faced

Sam Robinson’s clever use of mirrors in this bathroom helps to create the illusion of a much larger space. Winning Best Small Designer Bathroom in Victoria and Tasmania, Bathroom Designer of the Year in Victoria and Tasmania, and Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year with this bathroom, Sam cleverly uses lighting and colour to create a glamorous, dynamic and sensual space. roystonwilson.com.au



3. Heart of glass

This beautiful bathroom, designed by Stephen Varady, is a complete study in glass with every surface a shining testimony to its beauty. Glass is a natural alternative to tiles, boasting the same easy-care properties but with a broader creative palette and much more unique. Axolotl is expert at using alternative and creative materials to design truly spectacular spaces, and this bathroom design is no exception. axolotl.com.au



4. Diamonds are forever

This luxury “masculine” George collection has been designed for Falper by Michael Schmidt and showcases the power of texture and glamorous hues. Within the range there is a pedestal basin shaped in the form of an aftershave bottle, which is made up of a Pietraluce washbasin console with a quilted exterior coated in a matt white finish. Also pictured here is a steel-framed mirror with storage units 130mm deep. rogerseller.com.au



5. Underwater world

Bisazza’s Gladiolo glass mosaic tiles take mosaic tiles to a whole new level in this bathroom. Various shades of blues from light to dark create a striking tonal effect and all-over tiling give the impression of an underwater world. Minimalist fixtures in precious gold only enhance the drama of this space. Glass might be fragile, but Bisazza’s Opus Romano range collection is so strong it can even be used on floors. perini.com.au

By Alexandra Longstaff
From Luxury Home Design magazine Vol. 15 No. 5