6 tasteful toilets

6 tasteful toilets



Whoever says ‘a toilet is a toilet’ hasn’t seen this selection of the latest feature-packed, water-saving models.


1. The simple yet versatile design of Kohler’s Parliament toilet allows it to complement a variety of bathroom styles and a four-star WELS rating makes it one of Kohler’s most water-efficient models. www.kohler.com.au




2. Perrin & Rowe’s Art Deco toilet exudes the elegance of another time but still has all the mod cons, including a three-star WELS rating, a high-quality Geberit inlet and dual-flush push-button valves. www.englishtapware.com.au



3. Laufen’s Alessi One wall-hung toilet comes with a three-star WELS rating and a WonderGliss finish for easy cleaning. The organic egg  shape moves away from traditional toilet design for a smooth and on-trend look. www.candana.com.au



4. Add a little drama to the bathroom with Parisi’s OH toilet and bidet. With a strong cube design and four-star WELS rating, you’ll get that luxe look with the added benefit of saving water. www.parisi.com.au



5. The Cameo toilet from Caroma features a patented Orbital Connector that makes renovating or retrofitting an existing bathroom a cinch by increasing flexibility and ease of connection to existing pipe work. It also features Smartflush water-saving technology that achieves a four-star WELS rating. www.caroma.com.au



6. The Mimo toilet from Laufen looks like something right out of Ken and Barbie’s Dream House. This youthful alternative to the all-white toilet proves that candy pink can work in the bathroom. www.candana.com.au

By Sarah Knox
From Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine Vol. 19 No. 3