Bathroom ideas and inspiration

The bathroom is one of the most popular spaces to renovate in the home. There are plenty of options to consider in that bathroom whether you are going for a full scale renovation or just want to make a few small changes.

Create a sanctuary 
We are working longer hours, getting burnt out and stressed. For many of us, there’s no better way to relax than to soak in a bubble bath after a hard day’s work. There are so many ways you can turn your bathroom into a private retreat. Be creative. You could opt for some simple additions such as scented candles and soft Egyptian cotton towel. If you wanted something a bit more luxurious think of adding some bathroom furniture such as an ultra modern or even upholstered chair (for when you want to sit back and paint your nails!) or a mounted TV or sound system to help you unwind.

Bathrooms do not have to be completely white and neutral. Be bold and add a dash of colour. A black and white colour schemes create an interesting contrast, but don’t be afraid to go brighter and bolder. This doesn’t mean an entirely hot pink bathroom, but using splashes of colour to create a different mood and feeling in the space.

Go large
This will of course depend on your budget, but it is common to hear of designers knocking down walls to increase space of the bathroom. If this isn’t an option for you, there are many clever ways to properly utilise and maximise what space you have. There are countless options when it comes to cabinets, fixtures and storage options to efficiently organise your bathroom

Lighting can be an effective and economical way to change the mood and feel of a space. For instance, ensure you select and light the key features or objects in the bathroom such as bath or feature wall. When it comes to mirrors, the light source should be at face height and provides both reflected and directed light to the face. For atmosphere consider both switch and dimmer lights. This is ideal for when enjoying a relaxing bath. Create the mood by switching off the down lights and dimming the mirror lights for a soft glow.

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