Sweet sensation


Kathryn Sutton, owner of Sydney’s suave Sparkle Cupcakery talks to us about a world-wide love affair with cupcakes
What sparked your love for baking?
My passion has always been food, either eating or making! Straight out of school, I studied Hospitality Management and after years in the world of hotels, returned to my original passion.
What’s the one item in your kitchen that you can’t live without and why?

A great oven. Love thy oven and get it know it well!

What’s your most interesting food experience?

I love to travel and love to cook. Combining the two is pure bliss. I had the luxury of spending a week in a small school, in a tiny town in southern India. Students had the choice of fabulous studies such as yoga, languages, art or cooking. Of course, I ended up in the kitchen with an amazing teacher who’s philosophy was ‘you must enjoy the chop’, meaning enjoy the entire cooking process…not a bad philosophy for life. Indian sweets are such a sugar hit. Our Pistachio & Cardamom cupcake is inspired by my travels in India – aromatic and sweet!

How do you think Australia’s love affair with cupcakes began, and where do you see it heading?
It’s not just Australia, but the world, that has fallen in love with the cupcake. I think it came from a strong trend back to the simple things in life. A cupcake is a little sugar bliss bomb that is suited to any of life’s celebrations.

What surprisingly delicious flavour combinations have you created?
So many! Oriental flower, lychee and rose is a fabulous flavour sensation. I also love the simplicity of Pure Sparkle, our signature cupcake, made with fabulous vanilla bean paste.

What’s the best accompaniment to a cupcake and why?
Sparkle is all about combining a cupcake with a glass of bubbles (which is lemonade is you are under 18 and French is you are over!). Nothing quite says ‘celebration’ like this combination!

Sparkle Cupcakery, 132 Foveaux St, Surry Hills, (02)93610690, http://www.sparklecupcakery.com.au/