The Tastic Ovation


IXL Home is launching a 3-in-1 heat-vent-light — the Tastic Ovation.

The new addition to IXL Home’s suite of bathroom lighting solutions is available via leading hardware, bathroom and lighting retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

The accessibly priced Tastic Ovation is designed to operate in a way that maximises space in medium-sized bathrooms. Benefits include the new powerful centrifugal exhaust fan design that eliminates steam rapidly. The frosted 4000K cool-white LED light provides a diffused, soothing glow and the 800W heat lamp with Halo Heat™ technology provides long-lasting warmth. Each of these elements works in tandem to ensure the Tastic Ovation is able to ventilate, heat and lighten up a bathroom to a premium standard.

IXL’s newest innovation was designed with easy installation in mind, including a side-ducted fan and inclined outlet, while also providing optimised ducting. Each unit includes a self-sealing back draught stopper that prevents draughts and insects entering the home and ensures a warm bathroom that’s protected from unwanted airflow.

All IXL products come with a five-year in-home warranty on the unit and two-year replacement warranty on their exhaust fans and heat lamps, giving you peace of mind when you purchase.
The Tastic Ovation is priced at $499 AUD.

For more information: IXL Appliances