The secret to shiny shower screens

Now, leading shower screen suppliers are sharing their secret for keeping bathrooms across Australia looking new with EnduroShield’s easy to clean, non-stick glass treatment.

The glass shower screen in this stunning modern bathroom has been pre-treated with EnduroShield Easy Clean Glass Coating. . Glass has become a feature in homes across Australia, with floor to ceiling glass making a stylish interior design statement. The trend towards eco-friendly materials and open plan living has made glass a very popular choice, and advancements in glass coatings now allows for ease of maintenance.

The EnduroShield coating is the finishing touch in the form of an applied treatment that enhances the performance of the glass. The advantages of treated glass can be utilised for so many glass applications around the home from keeping shower screens crystal clear to minimising window cleaning.
EnduroShield is an easy-clean, permanent, invisible coating for glass. It adheres to glass surfaces repelling both water and oil based stains. EnduroShield transforms the glass into a surface which is similar to non-stick cookware.
As a result, treated glass is protected from etching and staining from soap scum, hard water, lime scaling, mineral deposits and sea-spray erosion. This product is a must-have in any home to keep your glass surfaces looking new.

The EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment has many practical and environmental benefits. The coating reduces cleaning time by up to 90 percent. Only eco-friendly products such as a mild detergent or white vinegar on a microfibre cloth are needed to clean glass protected with EnduroShield. This means EnduroShield helps conserve water, and less toxic chemicals drain into our waterways.

Showerscreens can be bought pre-treated with EnduroShield, or EnduroShield can be professionally applied by a certified applicator. DIY kits are also available from leading retailers. A Glass DIY kit comes in two sizes: 125mL which coats 2 average shower screens or 500ml kits used for pool fencing and larger glass surfaces.

EnduroShield is also available for tile, grout, stainless steel and chrome surfaces.

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