The high-tech, the newly released and the extraordinary ... here, we look at 20 innovative products that will smarten up your bathroom and laundry

The future is now: here’s 20 innovative products that will reinvent your bathroom


The high-tech, the newly released and the extraordinary … here, we look at 20 innovative products that will smarten up your bathroom and laundry


Nebia Spa Shower V2

The Nebia spa shower utilises the latest in shower technology and is designed to cleanse 10 times more of the surface area of your skin. Ten precision-tuned nozzles atomise the water, delivering millions of micro drops to soothingly clean your skin. The Nebia spa shower conserves 70 per cent of the water used by ordinary showers, saving you money on your water and heating bills. The rust-proof aluminium design is refined and sturdy, crafted to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. The complete Nebia spa shower includes a height-adjustable showerhead, magnetic hand wand, full self-installation kit and cleaning caps for easy maintenance. Nebia spa shower,



Kaldewei Sound Wave
The Sound Wave acoustic bath by Kaldewei allows you to be literally immersed in your favourite tunes. The bath acts as a sound box to amplify music, whether the bath is filled with water or not. When relaxing in this bath, the music is more than audible; it can also be gently felt through the bath water. A true experience for the senses, this new technology is simply awe-inspiring. Easy to operate with any Bluetooth-enabled device, the complex music system is made easy with a simple tap on your phone. Kaldewei Sound Wave bath,



Aeg Image
The AEG 8000 Series 10kg washing machine has a suite of impressive features, including ÖKOMix technology, ProSense and ProSteam functions and a spin speed of 1600rpm. It is also Woolmark Green accredited. ÖKOMix technology ensures this washing machine delivers superior cleaning results at lower temperatures in just shy of an hour. ProSense uses intelligent sensors to optimise wash times to care for your clothes, ensuring they last longer, while ProSteam will complete a wash cycle with steam to reduce wrinkles, saving time and reducing the need for ironing. For the family on the go, the machine’s Ultra-Quick program allows you to wash 3kg in just 20 minutes. One of the most intuitive products on the market, the AEG 8000 Series does not disappoint! AEG 8000 Series 10kg washing machine,



Roca In Wash Inspira Smart Toilet 03 V2

An internationally renowned product, the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart toilet has arrived on Australian shores fresh from Spain. Roca’s revolutionary Inspira toilet combines comfort and hygiene with the latest in intelligent technology and enduring design. The Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart toilet is extremely functional, incorporating a soft-close seat, nightlight, presence-detection sensor, auto-cleaning, retractable nozzle and one single water inlet into its elegant design. A remote control accompanies the toilet, allowing you to handle the washing and drying functions with ease. The minimalist style and comfort-driven design is a graceful addition to any bathroom. Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart toilet,



Embrace Mirror 2

The Embrace Smart mirror offers superior control and functionality. When turned off, Embrace looks just like a sophisticated mirror. When turned on, however, you have all the functionality of a splash-proof, high-definition computer at the command of your fingertips, gestures and voice. The Embrace Smart mirror can control your entire home, from the lighting, air-conditioning, music, fans and even the kettle! A fantastic item for any bathroom, you can check the weather or order an Uber while shaving or putting on makeup. Embrace is resistant to steam and moisture and it is protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction. Embrace Smart mirror,



Pendant 45 Chrome Jpeg V5

A dramatic and evocative lighting fixture, David Moreland’s Pendant 45 is stylish and crafted to suit any room. Available in a range of colours and finishes, this popular design has created moody, playful and sophisticated spaces all over the world. The newest release of the Pendant 45 is in chrome, an elegant interior accent that will complement matching tapware and fittings in a bathroom. The chrome Pendant 45 light is spun from mild steel then plated, ensuring quality through and through. David Moreland Pendant 45 light,



Philips Light Schedules For Home Automation Wake Up

Philips Hue connected lighting offers limitless possibilities, turning your bathroom routine into an extraordinary experience. With 16 million colour options available and an intuitive technology system, you will be amazed by the Hue. It can react to the rhythm of your shower music or gradually dim to prepare your body for sleep. Skip the morning coffee with a warm light that mimics a sunrise, gently waking you up. With the Philips Hue iOS and Android apps, you can turn your lights on and off remotely, ideal if you’ve left a light on or are working late and want to return home to a well-lit house. Philips Hue,



Balthazar Hr Hero V2
The Gareth Ashton range of elegant ClearStone baths has been created by international designers utilising the finest materials and engineering expertise. ClearStone is an innovative new material made from reconstituted marble that’s lightweight, extremely strong and with a lustrous finish. Built completely from one solid piece, this dolomitic marble offers superior thermal performance and retains heat for hours of relaxation. To read more about the range, flick to page 158. Gareth Ashton ClearStone bath,



Polytron Off
Polytron off
Polytron On
Polytron on

Polyvision switchable glass provides privacy at the flick of a switch. This product uses state-of-the-art technology to turn what looks like an ordinary glass pane into an opaque privacy screen. Polytron, the manufacturer of this clever product, uses a special film made up of liquid crystal molecules that is custom laminated in between two glass panels. When the power is off, the liquid molecules are randomly orientated, which scatters light and provides an opaque effect. Once power is supplied, the liquid crystals line up and the panel becomes clear. Polyvision switchable glass is an innovative solution for an open ensuite bathroom or any type of space where a bit of privacy goes a long way.  Polyvision switchable glass by Polytron,



Kohler Toilet
Kohler’s Nightlight toilet seats are perfect for guiding you safely and comfortably during the darkness of night. The seats use two gentle LED lights that won’t startle you awake or ruin your night vision. The hinge emanates a blue glow to provide direction and the second light illuminates the bowl for ease of use in dim lighting. The Nightlight toilet seat will run at the same time each night for a seven-hour cycle so you can set and forget. Kohler toilets with Nightlight seats also include the company’s Quiet-Close feature to prevent the toilet seat from slamming shut. Kohler Nightlight toilet seat,



Venezia Robe Hook
The hexagonal shape of the Venezia robe hook is reminiscent of old-world luxury and is perfectly suited to a refined and elegant bathroom. There are six beautiful finishes available with most also available with a superior physical vapour-deposition finish, which is harder and more corrosion-resistant. The Venezia robe hook is functional, stylish and sturdy. Venezia robe hook,



Kwd Bl1017 062 Au6945 Gcl Gau224 Shower Set 11b Au3230 Au3585 Au2830 Hh Mirrorrectangl Gcl Gau64
Hawthorn Hill has expanded its collection from custom towel rails and basin stands to now include a stunning range of customisable mirrors. Sophisticated edges, quality British engineering and a range of styles characterise a Hawthorn Hill mirror. Finish options include bronze, antique bronze, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished chrome, gold, brushed brass and polished brass, so your mirror can perfectly match your tapware — or standout on its own! The wall-mounted pivot or fixed mirrors, and the magnifying vanity mirrors, offer an elegant addition to any bathroom. Hawthorn Hill bathroom mirror,



Roca Cyprus Stonex Shower Floor Pizarra Finish
Heightening the connection between aesthetics and the senses, Roca’s revolutionary Cyprus Stonex shower floors offer a unique texturised finish, which feels warm and natural underfoot while seamlessly integrating with the bathroom floor. Available in four contemporary finishes — Pizarra, Arena, Cemento and Blanco — these classic designs will add an aura of sophistication to any bathroom. Roca Cyprus Stonex shower floor,



Atollo Bath Candana
The Atollo marble bath by Mamo Living is more than a bath; it’s an experience. Brought to life with the latest manufacturing techniques and materials, the balanced lines of the bath create a graceful silhouette that is perfect for bathing comfort. Crafted from Bianco Carrara natural marble that’s honed to sleek perfection, the exceptional product has a pristine finish both internally and externally and is extremely durable. The premium qualities of natural marble means it will last for years to come. Mamo Living Atollo marble bath,



Abey Basin

Inspired by the shape of water, the gorgeous Goccia counter basin oozes sophistication and reflects the latest design trends in the bathroom marketplace. The basin is founded on the concept of matter, form and function. Handmade in Italy and designed by Gessi, this silver basin features a natural elegance that makes it suitable for both private and public interiors. The bright silver finish is unique and sure to garner attention in any space. Gessi Goccia counter basin,



Clarisonic Image
Engineered specifically for men’s skin, the Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a facial cleansing brush that helps provide a smoother, more comfortable shave. Oscillation technology flushes pores with water for deep pore cleansing, while 300 micro massage movements each second sweep away dirt, oil and sweat. Clean-shaven or bearded, this product will energise your face, leaving your skin feeling healthier, your beard smoother and allowing for a closer shave. Founded in the Pacific Northwest, Clarisonic is the number-one cleansing device recommended by US dermatologists. Clarisonic Alpha Fit cleansing system for men,



Philips Airfloss 2
For those who struggle to floss daily (or anytime), Philips has released the Sonicare AirFloss. This rechargeable, electric flossing machine offers a simple, quick and easy way to reach the bacteria that can build up from inconsistent flossing. Long term, the Philips Sonicare AirFloss prevents cavities and improves gum health. With three different burst options, it’s an easy way to start a healthy habit, cleaning deeper around the teeth with its latest air and micro-drop technology. Philips Sonicare AirFloss,



Hybrid Towel Rack
Nothing beats a warm towel on a winter’s morning. Avenir has released the Hybrid range of heated towel ladders, which feature flat rails and consume 25 per cent less energy than a standard heated towel ladder. The Hybrid heated towel ladders are made using a unique manufacturing process of laser cutting and folding pre-polished sheets of stainless steel. The flat, slimline rail design boasts impressive energy efficiency and reflects Avenir’s environmentally friendly ethos. Avenir’s heated towel ladders can be heated anywhere, anytime using a Wi-Fi-enabled, Crystal-Glass Smart switch. Avenir Hybrid towel ladder,



Sussex Scala Hero 02 Extended Cmyk Neutral
Australian tapware company Sussex Taps has released its latest project, which incorporates colour in a playful way. Ultraviolet, the 2018 Colour of the Year as chosen by global colour authority Pantone, is now a colour choice across Sussex’s tapware range. The dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade was a natural decision for the company, to meet the demand of clients. These taps are perfect for an unexpected splash of colour and to brighten up a bathroom. Utterly unique and truly bespoke, Sussex Taps’ new range demonstrates customisation at its finest. Sussex Taps’ range in Ultraviolet,



Ewf14013 Hero Ang
Designed for a busy family, the Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare system is the latest in washing machine technology. A five-star energy rating, UltraMix function, which provides a gentler clean at a lower temperature, and Time Manager function, which puts you in control of every wash, are just a few of the machine’s superior features. Energy efficient and extremely functional, this high-tech washing machine is truly one of a kind. The innovative Vapour Refresh program quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without washing. This nifty program removes wrinkles and odours and reduces the need for ironing, keeping your clothes looking brighter and newer for longer. Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare system,

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