New beginnings: a sleek, sophisticated Sydney home


This idyllic Sydney home creation is sleek sophistication at its best

To build a new house of dreams for their clients, the directors of Starr Constructions, Jon Vithoulka and Nino Sanzari, needed more than luck on their side. The site wasn’t an easy space to work with as it sat on a sloped block with a cottage already occupying the space. Excessive excavation was needed to create a workable environment and only once the cottage was removed was the site ready for building.

The client requested lots of space as well as accommodation for family and guests, so plans for this home included a large body of work. A grand footprint incorporated five bedrooms, three bathrooms, theatre room, dining room, family room, large garage with extra storage, lounge patio/barbecue area, and an in-ground pool that can be seen from the kitchen, dining and family room through floor-to-ceiling glass.

Starr Constructions worked closely with the client, investing a huge amount in the project. Jon and Nino wanted to make sure they created something special and personal for the homeowner, which was undoubtedly achieved. “The entire house is my own piece of unique artwork,” says the client. “It is a home we intend to use for many years into the future.”

The inspiration and brief for this design were one and the same. Jon and Nino wanted the home to be “modern, sleek, stylish and comfortable”. Its large layout enables a high level of privacy and the home slots together beautifully from space to space. “Each room flows into the other,” says Nino. “I think the travertine tiles blend it all together perfectly.”

The dining room, kitchen and family room wrap around the pool area, creating multiple V-shaped sections for different requirements. For more formal settings, the dining area is a picture of sophistication, whereas the outdoor lounge space is perfect for casual relaxation.

On the upper levels, the sophistication doesn’t waver. A marble staircase is wrapped elegantly in a glass casing, forming the banisters leading from one level to the next. The bedrooms are beautifully adorned in the same colour scheme and luxurious manner, and hints of the marble used in the kitchen reappear in the bathrooms.

Very few problems arose during this construction. “We had great builders who we put all our faith in,” says the homeowner. “What I noticed right from the start, even when tendering the job to other builders, is that the team at Starr Constructions communicates. They tell you how it is without trying to hide things. I had regular meetings and was informed throughout the project. I’m glad there weren’t any hurdles.”

Ensuring each project runs smoothly is of prime importance to Starr Constructions and communication is key to this process. Jon and Nino understand that, for their clients, this home is “the one they plan to grow old in, so it’s a very special place for them”.

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