Tobi Farthing

A Textural Triumph


Travel has a way of evoking inspiration, and it was the warm, welcoming feel of a New Zealand ski lodge that provided the owners with the vision for this extraordinary ensuite.

The 2022 winner of the HIA Award for Best Bathroom Renovation ($40K-$100K), it is a far cry from the cookie-cutter fitout that previously occupied the high-rise apartment space and a tribute to the creativity of the team at All Bathroom Gear.

Charged with recreating the cosy chalet-style abode, designers Tobi Farthing and Brett Lancelot turned to exterior stacked stone to construct a statement feature wall, combining it with custom-made matt-black cabinetry, a solid-timber countertop and a natural stone basin — polished inside and hammer-finished on the outside — to achieve a moody ambience while still allowing for ample storage and general practicality.

Custom-made fixtures, in the form of a barn-style glass shower screen and sheet mirror, complete the inspired interior, which is further enhanced by large-format Maku floor tiles, a matt-black toilet and Greens Textura shower, tapware, all in statement gunmetal.

The innovative space is an undeniable stand-out and the stacked stone look was such a success that the owners carried it through to the wall at their entrance.

Design Tobi Farthing and Brett Lancelot
Build Paul Farthing (All Bathroom Gear)

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