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Why settle for a three-in-one when you can have four? The SAHARA, a four-in-one bathroom product from Ventair, allows you to maximise your bathroom enjoyment all year round thanks to its tech-savvy features.

Just like its three-in-one competitors, the SAHARA offers lighting, heating and ventilation. The premium 20-watt LED light panel has a high lumen output, allowing you maximum visibility, and the high air extraction is perfect for controlling your steam and moisture.

But it’s the fan element that truly captured our attention. This not only helps you rotate heat during winter, it also enables a cooling option during those hot summer days and nights. In our warm Australian climate, this is a must.

The Ventair SAHARA contains two motors — one for the exhaust and one for the fan heater/cooler — and fits perfectly between roof trusses, making installation a breeze. With two colour options available, your newest bathroom addition is both stylish and versatile.

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Originally from Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, issue 26 volume 4

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