Form and Function in Your Bathroom


Decina has been creating bathroomware since its inception back in 1989.

Quality, safety and function have always been at the forefront of its designs and this extends to what’s arguably the most crucial part of the bathroom, the humble toilet. Constructed from high quality vitreous china, its range has a design to suit every bathroom.

Decina Bathware

For those who prefer a minimalist look or need to save space, Decina’s in-wall concealed cistern designs are perfect. Two models are available, Alegra and Renee. The latter boasts a Geberit cistern which is the European market leader in concealed cisterns. Combining Renee’s sleek, rimless, wall faced pan with the Geberit in-wall cistern embraces the latest in toilet innovation and technology. Decina offers multiple flush plates to go with the rest of your bathroom’s aesthetic. The intelligent design of these in-wall cisterns also means you can remove the flush plate for easy access to the cistern itself without having to remove tiles or drywall. The rimless design of the Renee toilet itself has a hygienic rimless bowl and a soft close when you press the lid.

Decina Bathware

The Renee also comes in a more traditional Back-To-Wall toilet suite, complete with all the functionality of the Renee in-wall pan as well as a nano glaze that protects against 99.9 per cent of bacteria and dirt. Decina takes utility and makes it seamless and easy to maintain by design.

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