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Turn your clothes dumpster into a chic laundry – The Block


Let’s face it, the laundry is commonly perceived as the household’s dumping pit. It is the place you go to throw your dirty socks in the washing basket, only to sequentially miss every time. We are all guilty of shooting hoops with our clothes including shirts, tshirts, hoodies, shorts and chucking the dirty items across the room into the basket. Because lets be honest, no one can be bothered to walk and place them in there.

The often tiny room is also the place where you hoard all of your miscellaneous junk that you needn’t keep any longer but choose to store anyway. Old clothes you have been meaning to give to the op-shop, a bunch of dated cleaning products – the list goes on. But The Block contestants during their laundry renovation challenge show homeowners the dumping ground and hoarder that is often the laundry, can be turned into a stylish and practical space.

With bold contrasting neutrals and smart planning, contestants embrace the small and oddly-shaped space and create modern designs for their laundry. Quartz surface specialist Cosentino works with the couples to turn the space into a fresh and functional area. Gary Isherwood, Area Manager for Cosentino Australia, says the Silestone quartz surfaces used by contestants are designed to enhance the entire laundry space.

“Our Silestone quartz surfaces ensure that while the laundries look stunning, they are also practical,” he explains.

Using speckled white tones of Silestone Blanco Maple Orna for their laundry, couple Kinig and Caro took out the challenge, due to the fresh white tone complementing the dark grey tiling. According to Isherwood, implementing colour contrasts is the perfect way to uplift the atmosphere of a dull laundry.


“All of the renovations highlight the growing trend of contrasting distinctive neutral shades to make a statement in what is generally a pretty functional space,” he says.

To transform a room that is usually the least appealing in the household, not to mention at times a cringeworthy mess, is one of the most difficult challenges says The Block judge and Cosentino ambassador, Neale Whitaker.

“This series of The Block has seen some of the most challenging and creative renovations yet, as the contestants get to grips with the joint demands of a problematic, octagonal building,” he shares.

“It’s easy to consider the laundry as just a functional area, but this season, contestants have really embraced the space with some great designs!”

Tips on how to turn your clothes dumpster into a stylish contemporary space? Renovate using contrasting colours to give your laundry a chic modern look.