Designer Doors for your dream kitchen

Designer Doors for your dream kitchen


Designer Doors Plus acknowledges the importance of a dream kitchen, which is why the company strives for the highest-quality doors on the market and superior after-sales service

Using the latest technology and computer-integrated systems, Designer Doors Plus supplies cabinetry manufactured with precision and sophisticated attention to detail using premium-quality materials to ensure longevity for your kitchen. Choose from a range of two-pack, vinyl or acrylic cabinetry in flat-pack or bespoke modules.

Two-pack Doors

When it comes to choosing the final finish for your kitchen, you can’t go past a two-pack application when it comes to getting a smooth high-gloss or satin finish. Utilising a two-part component paint, applied by experienced professionals, and highly moisture-resistant MDF, Designer Doors Plus’s two-pack cabinetry is rich in colour with a flawless finish. Easy to clean, stable and dependable, two-pack cabinetry will not peel or fade, giving you years of low-maintenance pleasure in your home.

Vinyl Doors

Made from heat- and chip-resistant high-density fibreboard, vinyl-wrap doors are an affordable and durable option for all cabinetry applications. Easy to clean, they are durable and low-maintenance. A specialty of Designer Doors Plus since the business opened its doors in 1985, high-quality vinyl-wrap doors are pleasing to the eye and feature a seamless finish with no joins, making it easy to achieve a clean, modern look — and the choice of colours is endless.

Sealed to the entire door using vacuum and heat technology, vinyl-wrap doors will stand the test of time, which is why Designer Doors Plus is confident in offering a 12-year product warranty on its vinyl door products.

Acrylic Doors

Looking for scratch-resistant cabinetry that can withstand the rough and tumble of family life? Try acrylic. Incredibly durable, acrylic doors are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas of any home. Available in an extensive array of solid and metallic colours, this style of cabinetry is bound to please. Made to stand up to long-term wear and tear, acrylic doors also deliver a high-gloss finish that adds sophistication and instant visual appeal. Whether you choose solid acrylic doors or acrylic-faced doors — where a thin sheet of acrylic is fixed to mid-density fibreboard — you won’t regret your choice.

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