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Kitchen Wonderland


At first glance, this space from Smith & Smith Kitchens is very impressive — but the closer you look, the more there is to discover.

Things are not what they seem in this room, with more features unveiled around every corner. Magic abounds here. The thick two-pack frame anchors the island, with the dreamy Neolith top appearing almost as if it is floating above it. The PITT cooking unit is seamlessly integrated, allowing the stone to steal the show — as it’s designed to do.

The further you slide down the rabbit hole, the more there is to find. Cabinetry has been thoughtfully positioned, with a narrow essentials pantry saving the homeowner from walking back and forth from the butler’s pantry for high-use items, as well as framing the ovens. A Blum oil cargo drawer with room for trays was positioned next to the cooktop, allowing everyday ingredients and utensils to always be at the ready.

Striking black cabinetry is the perfect match for the warm American oak base on the back wall. A thoughtful sense of symmetry was created by paying attention to shape — even the door to the Zip tap cabinet was made to look like two drawers to ensure cohesion prevailed. The dishwasher underwent a similar treatment.

Attention to detail was then continued in the laundry. Smith & Smith knew it was very likely the door to this space would frequently be open. They shifted the washing machine and dryer to the corner so the sink cabinet, which is also American oak, would be seen first, making this room appear almost like an extension of the kitchen while still owning a unique identity once you step inside.

Designer Beth Paron

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