Geyser: a home-spa shower experience - three shower jets

Geyser: a home-spa shower experience


There are bath people and there are shower people. Now there are luxury shower people

Geyser Australasia is taking the daily showering ritual to a whole new level with the introduction of home spa experiences to promote wellbeing and relaxation. With a range of spa-oriented showering outlets, including body sprays, waterfall outlets and spinning massage water jets, your luxury escape starts at home. Combine bathing in soothing steam to rejuvenate the skin, detox and hydrate, heighten your senses with aromatherapy oils infused into the soft steam to decongest and clear your respiratory system or simply relax to your favourite music from the comfort of your own shower haven.

Geyser is the proud distributor of Mr Steam, one of the USA’s most recognised bathing brands. Home to Mr Steam, the US has welcomed steam bathing with open arms and the style of bathing has become a huge success there. Wellness starts at home and Australians can now benefit from having their own private oasis in either the family bathroom or private ensuite. Or make it a social affair and opt for a steam room by the pool or entertaining area.

According to Adrian Barr, owner of Geyser, steam showers have replaced spa baths as the must-have item for new and renovated homes. Steam bathing uses 90 per cent less water than a spa bath and there’s no need to wait for the bath to fill. The spin body jets are highly water efficient and provide an invigorating massage. There are also fine-mist sprays, which are great after a hot steam shower to soothe the skin with a mist of cool water.

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