Glamorous Art Deco bathroom


This Art Deco bathroom design, from Schots Home Emporium, is all gloss and glamour

“Movies have long been a source of interior inspiration and this year’s release of The Great Gatsby will spark a revival of all things Art Deco. This bathroom features the signature style of that era, from the classic black and white gloss scheme to the black granite vanity top, acid-washed marble floor tiles and smaller marble wall tiles, finished with a black limestone trim. The black gloss cast-iron bath and oversized vanity are stand-out features, while chrome accessories highlight the attention to detail that completes the glamorous look. Colour is used sparingly in typical Deco, however green or red teamed with black are alternatives to black and white, while pale blue or dove grey add a softening effect.”
Designer: Schots Home Emporium

EXPERT TIP: With Art Deco styling, go for quality with real marble, granite and chrome.

WE LOVE: The oversized vanity that combines vintage luxury with modern practicality.

Originally from Bathroom Yearbook magazine, Volume 17

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