Finding the Perfect Fireplace or Mantel


Whether you’re looking for the perfect fireplace or a mantel to suit, Schots Home Emporium has a large range of products to meet your needs. Timeless styles coupled with comforting warm fires are at the forefront of what the company offers.



The unique and iconic design of this suspended wood heater makes an architectural statement. Its sleek, stylish and modern design is one of a kind, elevating any room in an aesthetically pleasing way while keeping it warm in winter. With its ability to rotate 360 degrees, you’ll be able to enjoy its warmth no matter where you are in the room. Made from durable, heavy-gauge steel construction, it will keep you warm for hours on end. For those opting for a smaller version of Atomo, speak to Schots about its new model named Tarvos.



You’ll fall in love with Domina — a modern fireplace with beautifully crafted features. Sleek and classic in its design, clean lines take centre stage while hidden details such as the cleverly designed Lift Glass Door makes loading firewood easy. It’s a great choice for those wanting to keep their home warm all year round and with its versatile installation options, you can install it as a freestanding fireplace. This product is made from high-quality steel, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting durable construction that lasts. It is energy-efficient with low emissions that exceed Australian standards.



This timeless heater is sure to enhance any traditional or modern home. It features a vintage-style barrel-design steel firebox and strong steel construction. Made with heavy-gauge steel and vermiculite fire bricks for increased thermal mass, the glass door on the firebox provides the extra benefit of slower combustion and long-lasting warmth. It can be installed as a free-standing fireplace for an industrial look, and you’ll certainly love the nostalgic feel of this heater.

Hartel Mantel


A brand-new design to create a beautifully elegant home is what the Hartel Mantel works to achieve. The mantels are crafted from natural black limestone or white Carrara marble and have been designed to perfectly complement the DV36 Legend Gas Log Fire. Their timeless design makes them perfect for any style of home to provides warmth and comfort when paired with a suitable fireplace.

Timber Mantel

Schots has a variety of mantel styles to choose from that range from timeless Edwardian and Victorian designs through to Hampton and contemporary designs. The craft wood timber mantel is hand-finished in a primed undercoat white, allowing a timeless quality that would make this mantel fit in seamlessly with any modern or classically styled living room space. The perfect addition to your home, it adds a touch of charm and elegance.

French Marble Mantel


Hand-crafted by true artisans, the Schots marble mantle range is one of the largest in Australia and encompasses everything from bold to rustic. With such an extensive selection, you can find your perfect match for any home decor style. When you’re looking for a mantel that’s as beautiful as it is unique, you’ll certainly find it at Schots.


A unique yet contemporary design, the Rondella heater suits both traditional and contemporary homes. Featuring a 360° glass design, it is also crafted from heavy-gauge steel and vermiculite fire bricks, helping to increase its thermal mass. Keeping your home warm for many hours is achievable thanks to the glass doors on the firebox that offer the added advantage of slow combustion.

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Sleek Contemporary Style

Staying warm has never been this stylish. The Legend gas fire range is a mecca of sleek and contemporary design that will elevate the look of your home while providing the perfect heating solution to meet your needs.
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